Campbell BADM770 assignment 7.1

Date. August 1, 2015To. Marketing StudentsFrom. Kate Lawrence, PhDRE: Retail assignmentWe are going to study the Japanese retailer Tokyu Handsto explore key drivers of retail strategy success.Go to Tokyo Hands website (in English!)”> Also take a look at this wonderful″> “A complete guide to tokyu hands: facts you didn’t know.”Read the following article:Three Keys To Retail Success: Authenticity, Consistency, And”>Michelle Affleck, Published on June 11, 2013.″> help retailers meet the needs of busy consumers, SAP explores three emerging principles of retailing success in a recently published e-book – Real-Time Retail. According to the company, retailers can achieve a competitive edge by becoming:• Authentic to the brand value of your company• Consistent in your interactions with customers• Trusted by customers and partnersAll of this can be achieved, SAP explains, by running your business in real time with accurate and up-to-the-minute data about every aspect of your business – from merchandising, marketing, and sales, to inventory, deliveries, and recalls.Becoming a real-time retailer.Breakthrough technologies and a real-time retail platform can help you become a real-time retailer and, as a result, become more authentic, consistent, and trusted. With the latest technology innovations, you can –1. Be authentic. Spot trends and opportunities by instantly analyzing social media activity. Create products and services built around genuine customer needs. Choose and collaborate with suppliers more effectively. Make better and faster business decisions by rapidly running “what-if” exercises via predictive and trend analyses.2. Be consistent.Streamline and accelerate retail processes with integrated core business applications. Maximize visibility across all channels to gain a single view of inventory and better understand customer needs. Deliver on customers’ expectations to buy from any channel, anywhere, and at any time. Build customer and brand loyalty on a personal, one-to-one basis3. Be trusted.Reduce risks for your products and people. Improve transparency to customers and stakeholders. Gain true traceability across the entire supply chain. Secure customers’ data with robust data governance.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Please answer the following questions. These questions are the kind that companies must answer to develop strategy.1. Marketing strategy.a. What business is Tokyu Hands in?b. Who are its customers?c. In what ways is Tokyu Hands authentic (or not?)d. In what ways is TOkyu Hands consistent (or not?)e. In what ways is Tokyu Hands trustworthy (or not?)2. Reflection.Not only assimilation of knowledge, but also development of the person is critical to learning and becoming a life long learner of marketing. To internalize and make it matter, you must probe the causes of experiences, evaluate possible actions and reactions in light of new material and responses to the material. With that in mind, answer the following questions:a. What is the meaning, the essential value of what you have just studied?b. What particularly interested you, and why?c. What did you find troubling, and why?3. Interiorized choice.How can what you have just studied apply to you today, right now? What ideas have you just studied might have an impact on your thinking and behaviors today, especially in making decisions and a worker in a company or even as a consumer?

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