Business Strategy and decision making

1. what is a company’s value chain? Explain or cite specifically how Ranbaxy has used primary and support value chain to gain and sustain a competitive advantage over its rivals?
2. . What is one generic competitive strategy used by Ranbaxy and cite specific information from the case to support your example?
3. Why is understanding if the barrier to entry is weak or strong in conducting a competitive analysis?
a. Is the barrier to entry into the Pharmaceutical industry weak, moderate or strong? Explain your response.
b. Second, cite information from the reading what strategy does Ranbaxy take on barriers to entry?
4. What is benchmarking? How does Ranbaxy use benchmarking?
5. Explain how following Components of the Macro-Economic Environment could affect Ranbaxy?
a. Sociocultural forces:
b. Legal and regulatory factors
c. Technological factors
6. Who are Ranbaxy’s major business customers? What is its value proposition to these major customers?
7. Go to Provide an example of Sunpharma’s
a. Corporate Strategy
b. Business Strategy
c. Functional Strategy 

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