Business management Critique Essay

It has a database holding various companies’ records specifically job vacancies. Therefore, it matches the qualities required and the candidates’ qualifications. BBC, S company structure In any firm, the organizational structure is a vital factor which determines the success and achievement of the set goals. The structure of a company portrays not only the hierarchy of responsibilities in the company but also it defines the division of functions (Allen, 2000). The hierarchy determines various levels of personnel in the organization.
The main role of the hierarchy is to substantiate the person or groups of persons responsible for the development of the company’s vision and their tasks in pursuit of the session aimed at achieving the set goals (Bassett, 2004). On the other hand, the division of roles amongst the workers places each employee in the most efficient position viable for maximum production. BBC Company is made up of various positions. The main positions include the managing Director, business development manager, recruitment manager and the support stuff which include the accountants, legal officers and the technical personnel.
Abs’s organization Chart I. Managing Director The managing director is the overall supervisor. He oversees the entire operation of the company. Some of the primary duties of the managing director are to supervise the general operation of the company, coordinates the financial management tasks and also initiate the development ideologies important for the achievement of the mission, vision and objectives (Shoehorning, 2013). Ii. Development Manager The development manager works in coordination with the marketers in order to bring the clients.

The development manager is responsible for the initiation of the strategies required for creation of health network with the clients (Smith,2003). However, he is under the managing director. Iii. Recruitment Manager The recruitment manager works closely with the development manager. While the development manager markets the company and brings in the clients, the recruitment manager is responsible for the verification of the clients’ qualification to find the potential candidates for particular available job vacancies. He also sets the recruitment conditions and standards. Additionally, he develops the recruitment goals (Steen, 2006).
The recruitment manager takes instructions from the managing director. Iv. Support Staff The management team cannot operate without the support staff. For the ease of the BBC Company, the support staff includes the accountants, the Technical personnel and the legal officers. The role of the legal officer is to ensure that the recruitment contracts are in accordance with the relevant legislations. The technical persons are responsible for maintenance of proper computer networks and development of more efficient management systems. The accountants are responsible for the maintenance of financial records and provide the statements when required.
The support staffs receives instructions from the managers. BBC Company’s Objectives The company’s main objectives include; . Increase the number of the clients. Ii. Improve the service delivery. Iii. Satisfy the client needs to the fullest. Mission To be the leading recruitment company globally and which inclines its efforts towards satisfying the clients. Process Map for clients’ recruitment Plan to Ensure Legal, Regulatory and Ethical Objectives The company needs proper plan which ensures consistency in legal, regulatory and ethical objectives in its operation. The plan is as follows I.
The management should review the business contracts and other legal documents to find their validity and compatibility with the state laws. I. The company’s operation to be conducted in accordance with the state law. Iii. The recruitment exercise must never subject any client to any form of injustice. Iv. The management to seek to have feedback from the clients on the quality of service delivery. Recommendation on Alignment of manpower and available resources Using SMART. SMART is an acronym which refers to Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. This provides the guideline for setting up the objectives. S: Specific.
The desired goals and objectives by the organization should be specific. For instance, the management should be specific on the type of qualification required when recruiting the clients. M: Measurable: The management should establish concrete methodology used to measure progress towards achievement of the desired goals. For instance, the organization should ask itself how many available job vacancies are available against particular number of candidates. A: Attainable: The objectives should be within the reach especially in terms of available resources for instance, finance. R: Realistic: The goals or objectives must be within the capability.
The company can fail if it Sets Very high objectives and goals which are never attainable. In regard to this, the company needs to consider the available resources and their efficiency to enable the achievement of the desired goals. T: Timely: Any goal is bound to a specific timeshare. This determines the time required for a goal to be attained. The availability of resources and their alignment enables timely attainment of the goals. The BBC Company New System. Considering the weaknesses associated with the current system, a new system is implemented which is more efficient and ensures SMART attainment of the set goals.
The previous system was associated with poor uncial management, slow service delivery and generally poor leadership. Therefore, the new systems are as follow. Service Delivery system: A new digital system is put in place to enable service delivery in the shortest time possible. With this system, the clients have to deliver their academic and personal documents are delivered to the company’s website via the Internet. The recruitment officers’ access the documents, verify their originality, test the qualification and communicate to the applicant online.
Therefore, the applicants do not have to appear at the company offices in person. Digital ATA management system: The new management system is deployed which is used to manage data in the most convenient way. This system minimizes human error and also saves time when retrieving information because the officers do not have to go through big files in search of records. Payment system: There is no more cash payment, rather, the clients make payment directly to the company s account and deliver the bank payment slips.
This minimizes corruption where money gets lost in the hands of the officers. Work activities meeting operational plan Planning: This activity involves outlining objectives, and setting the prospected results. The techniques for achievement are also outlined under this activity. Organizing: organization of the BBC Company is crucial because it enables establishment of the structures and systems in which the activities are arranged and coordinated based on the particular plans and objectives. Staffing: this activity involves accomplishment of the personnel functions.
The functions involve selection and training the staff members and also maintenance of proper and favorable conditions for work (Personnel management function, 1993). Directing: Directing is done by the managers and it involves embodying decision making through instructions. This activity is done in line with the set operational plan. Coordinating: coordination is an activity which is aimed at inter-relating the various activities undertaken within the organization. For instance, it inter-relates the highly ranked managers and the support staff. Reporting: Reporting is one of the tools important for ensuring quality checks.
This involves making the various organs which include the shareholders, managers, the public, clients, us pliers and others informed regarding the progress of the organization. Budgeting: budgeting refers to the setting of financial plans, financial management control, keeping of financial records and also ensuring that the cost is in line with the set goals and objectives. Quality Management Systems Quality management systems refer to the techniques employed to enable proper communication between the manager and the employees concerning the quality of service to be delivered to the clients (Quality management systems, 2008).
The employees are kept in check to deliver services in accordance to the set standard specifications. Quality management system design. Below are the steps important for designing of the quality management system. I. Studying and Understanding the current organizational structure and the associated processes. This involves studying the environment, the competitive level and others. Ii. Development of performance priorities. The BBC performance priorities are in line with shareholders and other stakeholders’ expectations and desires. This is done before the action design is done. Iii.
Development Of performance indicators. The measurement Of every department’s performance enables tracking of the general performance of the organization. In this case, the top-down approach meets the bottom-up approach. Iv. Collection of the required data. This involves the calculation of the performance indicators. V. Designing reporting and performance data representation formats. This step involves the decision on how the data is presented to the end users. It also entails how the users provide the feedback for management, monitoring and improvement purposes based on the data provided. Vi.
Testing and adjusting the performance measurement system. This step involves improvement of the previous performance system based on the feedback from the users. All elements working in unplanned manner are adjusted to enhance desired level of performance. Vii. Implementation of the system. This is the final step after designing the quality management system of BBC recruiting company. This is where the system is officially launched and put in use for the entire organization operation. The implementation stage involves the managing the user access, training of the users and also the demonstration of the system operation.
The system designing process can be presented in chart as follows Quality culture to ensure continuous monitoring ,evaluation and development of process Demonstration of culture is a vital exercise in the organization. This can be demonstrated as follows; I. Leadership emphasis Managers in BBC Recruitment Company must understand that the basis of leadership is quality. The key objective worked on is to promote quality service delivery in the most efficient and faster way. Ii. Maintaining a leadership emphasis on quality. In any case, there are always gaps between what the managers advocate for and what they do.
Therefore, awareness about the gaps must be made obvious to the employees. Additionally, the managers and executive directors must demonstrate commitment towards promotion of the quality service delivery. Iii. Ensuring message credibility. The messages provided by the company regarding the quality of services just be realistic and trusted. Credibility Of message earns the company clients loyalty. Credibility of messages is one of the legal and ethical conditions that the company must observe and practice. Iv. Encouraging peer involvement. Exercising peer engagement in the organization is a crucial balancing of act.
Showing little support by the managers leads to loss of important opportunities. Therefore, they should be fully involved in activities. The managers also can consider important printing materials such as burners in the working place reminding the employees on the importance and needs to deliver quality service. The workers also should be motivated on their good performances (Purposive, 2006). Recommendation on the improvements The Abs’s current system is associated with various weaknesses which have led to complain from the clients. The complaints are centered on poor leadership which has resulted to a lot of deficits within the company.
Therefore, changes must be recommended in order to improve the service delivery as stipulated in the organizations, objectives and set goals. The recommendations are as follows. I. The company must ensure employing qualified managers and other persons in charge of various positions in order o improve the productivity especially the top most positions. For instance, the operation managers must have full knowledge and skills on how to pursue the various roles relevant to their positions. The managers must be well equipped with skills for initiation of valid ideologies important for the development of the company.
Unqualified personnel are liabilities within the company since they earn a lot and produce less hence earn the company a lot of deficits. Ii. Proper marketing strategies must be put in place in order to increase the number of clients who are the main source of revenues to the company (Lick, 1999). The main cause of the deficits in the company is that the company spends a lot and the returns from the clients are minimal because of the small number of clients. Iii. The company should adopt the modern system of service delivery which speeds up the process. This will ensures timely service delivery to the clients.
The manual systems are time consuming and also never efficient in handling large number of clients. The modern system, probably the digital systems ensures quality service delivery. Iv. Also, the other reason for the deficits within the organization is corruption amongst the managers and other officers. There should be a proper monitoring system which ensures frequent generation of financial records in order to trace the revenues and the expenditure. Also electronic mode of payment and banking should be embraced unlike the manual handling of money which provides opportunities to some corrupt workers to steal and misappropriate funds. . Also, legal and ethical values should be observed in the company’s processes in order to remain relevant to the state and client expectation. Unethical operation makes the clients develop negative attitude towards the company hence underperformed. Report on the implication of he proposed changes The proposed changes are of great importance to the company. BBC Company is under crisis under its current management system. Qualified Personnel Qualification in any relevant position is very important since it ensures maximum productivity.
Any position, irrespective of its level within the company is associated with particular skills. These skills are the key resources for productivity. It is also important to match one’s qualification with the relevant job category. Operating in one’s level of expertise ensures quality and improved level of performances. Therefore, it is worth important o ensure that the roles in BBC company are allocated considering the qualifications of the workers. Taking an example of the operation managers, they are tasked with management of the processes within the company.
Therefore, they are required to be skilled on the relevant processes being undertaken and also possess techniques of aligning the available resources to their tasks to ensure maximum productivity (Product liability,ND). Proper marketing strategies Marketing is the key factor that fascinates the clients to seek services with the BBC Company. There are various other companies providing the name recruitment services and the company is tasked to strategies the best ideas that can make them develop competitive advantages over the others.
There are various ways for marketing which include making advertisement via radios, televisions, social media such as faceable and also using marketing agents who make direct contact with the clients (Foss, 2012).. Develop financial monitoring system Corruption and misappropriation of funds within the organization is one of the worst practices that can kill the general development. Therefore, the company must put in place monitoring system which includes safe moment mode which includes direct banking by the clients on registration and frequent generation of the financial records which enables tracing of revenues and expenditure.
Modern service Delivery system The modern digital service delivery system is very crucial at the current generation since it is very convenient and safes time. The client may not even need to appear to the company registration premises rather he or she may need to make online application and the records are delivered directly to the company’s portals for verification and approval is communicated to the client via email or phone. Also, the digital mode of keeping records is important because it ensure easy retrieval of the same when required (Davis, 1993).
The record keepers waste a lot of time accessing records saved in hard copy files. Proper legal and ethical values Legal and ethical values are very crucial factors in general processes in the company. They ensure relevance with the client and state expectation (Cross,2007). Risk Assessment Working with BBC Company is associated with some risks. Computer operators within the company suffer risk of developing computer syndrome. Long term use of computer leads to complication which includes eye implication and also the long term effects may be cancer due to exposure to Radiant from the cathode ray tube screens.
Also, the field marketers suffer risks of getting indulged in accidents such as road accidents because they travel almost daily. Also, the buildings are under risk of catching fire because of heat generated by heavy machines used for instance, the generators. Demonstration Health and safety regulations To minimize the risks, the company has set the maximum time one has to work on the computer probably two hours in a day (Design to reduce technical risk, 2007). This is achieved by employing sufficient employees who work in shifts.
Also, the vehicles used are serviced regularly to ensure that they are in good conditions. Over speeding the company’s vehicles are illegal and the company’s mechanics have fixed speed governors to all the company vehicles. Additionally, the building has a lot of fire extinguishers which ensures safety in case of fire (LEN Site 200 Risk Management Plans, 2008). Review of BBC Company Health and safety policies Below are some of the company’s health and safety policies and regulation; I. It is illegal to spit carelessly within the company. Ii. No smoking in the work place iii.
In case of fire, get out of the building as soon as possible through nearby exit and use the available fire extinguishers to fight the fire. Iv. Strangers are not permitted into the company premises unless permitted. V. Make use of the dust pits. Implementation of the health and safety policies. A body is formed to ensure that the health and safety policies are observed by all. Also the body is responsible for taking legal actions against anyone breaching the policies. The group also conducts the seminars on the important of the observing the safety and healthy policies.

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