Business intelligence (BI)

The main project: In this project, you  on existing company. In either case, you are supposed to develop a Business Intelligence Development Plan for a local corporation. In this project, you will follow the process and format
Part 1: The document should be in the following format (use Word document):

Business Intelligence      Development Plan – Use the APA template      

Table of contents          

Use the auto-generated TOC.
Make it a maximum of 3 levels        deep.
Be sure to update the fields        of the TOC so that it is up-to-date before submitting your project.

Section headings (create each       heading on a new page) 

Data-Mining Methods and Processes (Week 5 IP): 7 pages excluding title and reference page and toc
A description of the specific data mining processes and techniques that will be used to support the business intelligence goals and objectives of the case study organization as follows: 

Step 1: Business understanding
Step 2: Data understanding
Step 3: Data preparation
Step 4: Modeling building
Step 5: Testing and evaluation
Step 6: Deployment
Step 7: Knowledge Management      & Collaborative system
Step 8: Big Data &      analytics
Step 9: Business Analytics

Please research and write your project 5 to include the above concepts in your organization.

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