Business Ethics Scenario Assignment

 Instructions: Read the scenario and decide the best option. To earn full credit (50 points) you must do the following. I know some students like length guidelines, so I have included those as well. Feel free to write more if you are inspired!
1. Make your choice; explain why you chose that option. (6-8 sentences)
2. Also give a brief explanation of why you did not choose each of the other options. (1-2 sentences for each option not chosen)
3. Describe a current event (from the past 12 months) where this type of scenario (in this case Sexual Harassment) was in the news. (6-8 sentences)
4. Cite your source.
Submit the completed assignment via the provided D2L link by the assigned due date. Have fun with it! These are the types of “no win” scenarios you may face in real life.
Scenario 3: Falsification of Data
Myron is a research analyst for a large market research firm. He has been asked by his superior to rewrite his report so that it is more positive to the client. This would entail reworking the statistics to coincide with the positive report. Myron should:
a. Refuse to rewrite the report.
b. Rewrite the report.
c. Rewrite the report but hint to the client the true nature of the results.
d. Rewrite the report but tell the client he was forced to present the data that way.
e. Rewrite the report and send an anonymous letter of explanation to the client.

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