business discussion

In the video, The Digital Future of Work Part 4: What are the Policy Implications?, many experts discuss policy considerations for the Future of Employment. McKinsey Senior Partner James Manyika shares that in the past, “what we didn’t think through properly was the implications for workers.” 
Based on this video and the content found in this Module, discuss the following:

How can policy makers anticipate the future of work and navigate those implications before they arise, rather than after? Is it possible for policy makers to serve as innovators in the future of work, rather than simply reactors?

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business discussion
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Consider discussing implications for employment, regulation, education and training, social safety nets, or entrepreneurship, mentioned in the video.

A written response post of 1-2 paragraphs, ~100 words each.
a quality reply is measured by the relevant ideas and insights you share. Include appropriate written citations to sources (APA style or MLA style or hyperlinks). These citations can be from sources covered in class or sources from your independent research outside of class.


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