Type: Individual ProjectUnit:  Putting it all Together
Due Date:  Wed,11/7/18
Grading Type: Numeric
Points Possible:  250
Points Earned: Deliverable Length: 1 – 2-page correspondence 
Assignment Description
Part 2
Write an action plan that would prepare you for a desired global management position. This is in addition to the part one slides from all previous units in the key assignment to add up to the total of 250 points for this IP.

Using a job search site, identify a management position that you would be interested in pursuing.
Answer the following questions in paragraph form:     

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What themes do you notice among the job ads? List at least 3 core competencies that someone needs to do that job effectively.
How do you match up with what employers say they need?
What qualifications do you have that align with their needs?
What are the gaps between what you currently have to offer and what the employer expects?
What will you do to overcome those gaps?
If you had to describe the value you gained from this course to your future employer in an interview, what would you say?


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