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Intellectual Property properly safeguards those who apply for patent registration. It is especially important in the industrial field, such as that where BUG Inc operates, because it protects the research and development investments of the company. There are many legal protections that BUG Inc can apply for to accomplish this. The protections on Intellectual Property can fall under the ambit of Copyright, Trademark and Patents. Trademark is a very visible and wide issue because of the fact that it is seen in everyday things.

Given the globalization of the world economy, it is now currently the most violated aspect of Intellectual Property Law at present. Under this legal protection, the owner of the trademark has a right to prevent any person from committing trademark infringement or any act that is not in good faith with regard to the use of the company logo. Trademark covers a very wide scope since it can be used for nearly any creation or icon that is protected by the trademark license. It covers all signs and insignias that are directly connected to or related to the company that registered the trademark.

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As such, any company or firm cannot use such trademark without prior consent of the company which owns the trademark. In relation to the logo of BUG Inc, the corporation may file for trademark protection. Under this legal protection, the owner of the trademark has a right to prevent any person from committing trademark infringement or any act that is not in good faith with regard to the use of the company logo. Another legal protection that Bug Inc can apply for is a patent which is designed to protect the electronic recording devices that the company makes. The first subject matter to be discussed is that of Patent.
There are basically three (3) types of patents that an individual can apply for. The first type is called the Utility Patent. This type of patent is given to any person who is able to invent or discover any novel and useful process, machine, and manufactured article or matter composition. It also includes any new and useful improvement of such. The second type of patent is the design patent. This patent is given to anyone who is able to create an original and novel ornamental design for any manufactured article. The third type of patent is the plant patent, which is given to anyone who invents or discovers any distinct new variety of plant.
In this case, as long as the invention involves a new inventive step that has an industrial application it may be registered and issued a patent that gives the owner the exclusive right to utilize the object. 2. ) Given the facts of the case, it must be stated that there is a clear conflict under international laws in case Steve is found guilty. Under the principle of international laws, the imposition of criminal charges is not territorial except if such is a crime against humanity or has been recognized by international tribunals as among the list of crimes that are crimes regardless of location.
For the case at hand, if Canada or Steve’s mother country does not recognize his act as a crime the United States will have a hard time prosecuting and charging him because he is of a different citizenship. The civil liabilities involved in industrial or corporate espionage depend on the laws of the particular state. One law, however, that is applicable in all states would be the civil liability that is derived from the United States Constitution.
It has been recognized by a number of Supreme Court decisions that the right to privacy can be invoked by a corporation to a certain extent. This means that the act of Steve in transmitting the communications between the officers and employees is a violation of this right and he is thus civilly liable for damages. Steve may also be found in violation of the pertinent copyright and patent laws depending on the content of the information sent. If the correspondence contained sensitive insider information with regard to any invention, then Steve would be in violation of the patent law.
If on the other hand, there was no sensitive information, the act of hacking into the computer system is also an act that is criminally punishable. In addition to the criminal liability, there is a corresponding civil liability for damages as well. WIRETAP can only be held liable if it is sufficiently shown that it had a hand in the actions of Steve; a corporation having a juridical personality distinct from that of its employees, it can be held liable along with Steve if it is shown that it was involved in the aforementioned acts.


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