Briefly explain the history of psychology and its impact

Assignment 2:SummaryAssignment IThe purpose of thisassignment is to review yourknowledge of the majorareas in this course thus farbased on the coursecompetencies. Use your textand lecture readings tosupport your work. For thisassignment no outsidesources will be accepted ascited references (e.g. Wiki,web pages, other textbooks,newspapers, magazines andjournal articles).For this essay you will needto incorporate the following:a. Apply theappropriateterms andconceptsused inpsychology.b. Utilize APAformat andstylefor writing.Write a 4-5 page essay thatcovers the following:oDefinepsychologyand explainwhat makesit a science.oBrieflyexplain thehistory ofpsychologyand itsimpact onmodernpsychology.oDescribescientificresearch inpsychology.IndependentanddependentvariablesHypothesisformationTheorySubmit your essay in a 4-5page Microsoft Worddocument to the W3:Assignment 2Dropbox by Tuesday, June2, 2015.Name your documentSU_PSY1001_W3_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.Assignment 2 Grading CriteriaDefine psychology and explain what makes it a science.Briefly explain the history of psychology and its impacton modern psychology.Describe scientific research in psychology.oIndependent and dependent variablesoHypothesis formationoTheoryApply the appropriate terms and concepts used inpsychology.Utilize APA format and style.Total:

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