Briefly describe two leadership theories

Some leaders are effective and some are not. Over time, a variety of leadership theories have been proposed to help explain what makes some leaders better than others. It may be how they interact with others. It may be a trait, such as decisiveness or intelligence. It is possible that effective leadership depends on a combination of or interaction among the leader, the followers, and a given situation. Maybe the best leaders are experts at motivating their followers. Each of these possibilities is consistent with a leadership theory. Your resources help you explore eight primary leadership theories: great man theory, trait theory, behavioral theories, participative leadership, situational leadership, contingency theories, transactional leadership, and transformational leadership.Briefly describe two leadership theories that resonate most for you and explain why.Compare (similarities and differences) the two leadership theories.Explain the conclusions you drew or insights you had about leadership based on the comparison.It needs to be 2 pages

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