BMAL602 Nonprofit Analysis Project Fall Latest 2015 October

Analysis Project Instructions
This assignment
must be completed in strict, current APA format and include a cover page,
reference page, and be double-spaced throughout.
1 Short Essay – The first step to gathering information for this project is to
review the information found”>Christian Worldview, a Focus on the Family website. Take
some time to reflect upon the reading and give your thoughts concerning a
Christian worldview in a short essay. Consider asking yourself how important is
a Christian worldview? Is it a main factor in running a nonprofit organization?
What are some potential positive or negative effects of basing nonprofit management
on a Christian worldview? Part 1 must be a minimum of 1–2 full pages.

2 – Select 10 organizations”> and then write a 250-word
description for each of the selected organizations. Also, explain how these
organizations demonstrate the 6 characteristics defined in chapter 3 of the
Worth text. You will need to select at least two Christian organizations, and
reflectively answer these questions: From what you have read about Christian
worldviews, does it seem obvious that the organization is based upon Christian
principles? Are there any distinctive marks of Christianity in the vision,
mission, purpose, and goals of the organization? Part 2 must be a minimum of 5–6
full pages.

3. Part 3 – Select one of the 10
organizations in Part 2 to perform an in-depth evaluation/assessment of 1
organization. Identify the vision, mission, and purpose of this organization. Select
5–7 key concepts (i.e. volunteerism, governing board responsibilities) from
your course Reading & Study material that are of most interest to you and
apply it to the selected organization. Does the organization look as though it
is successful in accomplishing its purpose in the light of what you have
learned thus far? If it is, what are some of the contributing factors to the
organization’s success? From the information that you can gather, identify strategic
issues. Part 3 must be a minimum of 5 full pages.

4. Part 4 – Now that you have
completed your assessment of the organization of choice, provide a list of 8 recommendations
that you think would be of benefit to the organization. Your recommendations must
be well-supported using the course Reading & Study material as well as
other credible resources (a minimum of 3 sources).
a professional letter introducing yourself to the organization you have been
evaluating. Inform them of this course and the analysis you had to perform, and
provide them with the list of recommendations that you hope will be of benefit
to them. Part 4 must be a minimum of 5 full pages.

This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8.

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