BMAL602 Graduate Level Business Program Assessment Submission Current Latest 2015 October

Graduate Level Business Program AssessmentGraduate Level Business Program Assessment Liberty University has attained Candidacy Status for ACBSP national accreditation. ACBSP accreditation standards are modeled on the Baldrige National Quality Program. Our goal in seeking full ACBSP accreditation is that employers will find value in knowing you graduated from a school that uses the same standards as those used by businesses, health care providers, and others to recognize excellence. ACBSP’s student-centered teaching and learning approach, which is measured and analyzed for quality, will ensure that you gain the right skills from your educational investment. ACBSP accreditation requires classroom learning to be measured and analyzed. That means LU must measure and report learning progress to ACBSP three times throughout your degree program: at the beginning, the middle, and the end.For each assessment, your score will be compared with the scores of students from 15 other ACBSP accredited schools. Thus, we need you to take this assessment very seriously and for you to do your best in each assessment, as we believe you can score as high as, or better than, the students from other comparison schools. We want to be able to proclaim with great joy that Liberty University students consistently score at the highest levels when their graduate-level knowledge, skills, and abilities are tested at national levels of comparison.Directions:• Sometime during the first 3 weeks of class, please take the Graduate Level Assessment test. The test is taken online and you will be given 90 minutes to complete it (although it takes most students less time). Please do not look up answers, as the score is only used for internal assessment and evaluation and each question is only available on your screen for a limited time.• To take the assessment, click on the link in Module 1 > Assignments > Graduate Assessment and register for the assessment as noted below. You will need your 8-digit Liberty ID number in order to access the assessment (ex: Lxxxxxxxx).REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS:1. Select”> Enter case-sensitive password LIBERTY-1001 (on right side of screen under Self-Registration for Exam Key(s)3. Select View Registration.4. Select your currently enrolled course.5. Select Review Your Selection(s) and Proceed to Register.6. Select Proceed with Self-Registration.7. Enter Course Start Date, First Name, Last Name, and your E-mail address.8. Select Review Registration(s).9. Select Complete Registration.10. To take exam: a. Select the hyperlink under Course/Exam heading. b. When finished, save/print completion certificate and return to your instructor via the link in Module 1.At the end of the test, a certificate of completion will appear on your screen. Please save that certificate to your desk top

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