BMAL550 Research Paper: Outline Summer Latest 2015 October

Research Paper: Outline
The outline is to be detailed; that is, there should
be three levels in the outline. The
first level is the top: introduction, body, and conclusion. The second level
should be the major sections of the paper, and the third level should be the
major ideas within each section. The
introduction and conclusion should be written out and the final references (no
annotation) should be listed on the reference pages.

In your introduction, please make clear what the
thesis statement of your paper will be. The thesis statement is that compelling
idea or vital piece of information you are trying to communicate in this paper.
The thesis should be the focal point of the introduction and the paper itself;
it is usually located as either the first or last sentence of the introduction.

The conclusion should summarize the major points of
the paper that support the thesis. A good conclusion is difficult without a
good thesis.

Please visit this OWL Purdue website that explains
what a thesis statement is and provides examples of how to write one:

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