BMAL501 Literature Review: Annotated Bibliography FALL Latest 2015 October

Literature Review: Annotated Bibliography Instructions
You will provide an annotated
bibliography of 15 references that you plan to use for your Literature Review.
This must be in APA format, with a cover page and references that each includes
a summary, analysis and reflection.

An annotated bibliography is a list
of sources, which includes current APA formatted references to the articles
(all which should have been found through the Liberty University Online
Library). The list of sources must be put in alphabetical order for this
research assignment. Following each reference, you will include a brief
description and an evaluation of the source. The purpose of an annotated
bibliography is to benefit the researcher and provide the content, relevance,
and quality of the sources. Sources must be from peer-reviewed academic
journals. The following cannot be used: dissertations, books, textbooks, book
reviews, article reviews, or popular journal articles (e.g. Forbes, Fortune,
Wall Street Journal, etc.).

The APA format for an annotated
bibliography is as follows:

Author Last Name, First Initial. Middle Initial.
(year). Name of journal article. Name of Journal is next, volume (Issue),
page numbers.
A brief summary of the article.

Assess the article according to the
focus of the research and provide criticisms. Who is the author and how are
they qualified? Reflect on the source and how it fits in the topic chosen to
research. Is the source helpful? Too broad or too narrow? Explain how this
research will fit into your research paper.″>Liberty University Online Writing Center is available for your writing assistance.

This annotated bibliography is to be
submitted by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 5.

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