BIO- Anatomy and Physiology Assignment Questions!!! NO PLAGARISM

There are seven questions. All answers should be written in a paragraph manner. NO PLAGIARISM WILL BE ACCEPTED. PLAGIARISM TOOL CHECK WILL BE USED!!! Assignment must be done by 8pm Eastern Atlantic Time. If you are capable of completing this with at least a B+, please message me. THANK YOU!!


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BIO- Anatomy and Physiology Assignment Questions!!! NO PLAGARISM
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Explain how the male and the female reproductive systems are functionally different? (Give at least 3 examples) (10 points)
How does a vasectomy interfere with fertility? (10 points)
Compare and contrast mechanical vs chemical digestion, and digestion vs absorption? What is/are the major site of digestion and absorption? (10 points)
Trace the pathway of a food bolus from ingestion until defecation? Choose 1 organ in the pathway and describe the anatomy and the histology of the selected organ of your choice? (20 points)
Mention the 3 main nutrients in a diet and their smallest units? Describe how (mechanical or chemical) and where they are digested, remember to include the name of the enzymes. (15 points) 
What are the formed elements in blood? (20 points)
What is the correct order of the passage of air through the respiratory system? (15 points)


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