Biblical reference with chapter and verse

Discussion Board Forum 4You will participate in the Discussion Board Forums. For each forum, you willpost at least 300 words in response to a provided prompt, supporting yourassertions with at least 3 citations in proper, current APA format.Please make sure the 3 Citations are in APA formatCurrent APA format1. Scholarly article2.Allen, G. A. Mahler, W. A. Estes, W. K. (1969). Effects of recall tests on long-termretention of paired associates. Journal of verbal learning and verbal behavior, 8, 463470. doi: Biblical reference with chapter and verse3. Textbooks: Ormrod, J. E. (2012). Human learning (6th ed.) Upper SaddleRiver, NJ: PearsonEducation, Inc.Topic: RetrievalQuestion/Prompt: Memory and knowledge are especially important in theretrieval of academic subject content. The book lists several general principlesof retrieval for instructional settings (see Ormrod, 2012, Chapter 11). Select 1of these general principles and give an example of how you could use it tolearn a specific concept in this course. Include clear biblical principles in yourresponse.This is what I have didMemory and knowledge is very important when trying to complete this coursepsychological foundations of learning. “Some instances of failure to retrieve involve forgettingto do something that needs to be done at a future time-a problem of problem of prospectivememory” (Ormrod, J. E., 2012, p.278).I believe this class will assist me in several ways. Firstof all, I will have an opportunity to gain the ability to think and understand about braindevelopment. Secondly, I will have a privilege to research material about the memory andmotivation. Mainly I will have an opportunity to learn why individuals are always forgetting tocomplete simple tasks. “External retrieval cues minimize failure to retrieve. The best way toaddress this problem, I’ve found, is to create an external retrieval cue-a physical reminderoutside of (external to) the memory system” (Ormrod, J. E., p. 282, 2012).To be frank, taking this class can be overwhelming for several reasons. First this classconsists of taking time quizzes, writing essays, and discussion boards. Sometimes I have adifficult time trying to remember I have different days to turn in an assignment. After I havefinished reading this textbook human learning I have found a solution to assist me in this class.“The classic example is a string around the finger. The string is tied in a spot impossible tooverlook and serves as a reminder that something needs to be remembered” (Ormrod, 2012,p.282). Now I decide to tie a string around my ring finger to remind me I have to turn in mydiscussion board’s assignments in on Thursday. I have also tie a string around my thumb toremind me I have to turn in my replies, writing assignments, and take my quizzes on Mondays.After I realizes tiding a string around my fingers can assist me in remembering to turn in myassignments on time. There are four types of retrieval cues. The first on is recall. Recollectioninvolve in reconstructing memory. Recognition involve in identifying information after anexperiencing. Relearning information that has been previously learned.I have realizes using a weekly calendar and sticky notes can also assist me withcompletely all my class assignments. “Only let us hold true to what we have attained”(Philippians 3:16, ESV). In my opinion, this Bible verse mean God have bless everyone with theability to maintain any material they are willing to learn. Some material might be difficult attimes but a person have to be willing to study hard and never give up. Life can be overwhelmingwhen someone is trying to maintain home and school. One thing I realizes with the help of Godanything is possible. When God created man he gave everybody a brain. God want everybodyto use their brain to better themselves. “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom theFather will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to yourremembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you” (John 14:26, KJV).ReferencesAllen, G. A. Mahler, W. A. Estes, W. K. (1969). Effects of recall tests on long-term retention ofpaired associates. Journal of verbal learning and verbal behavior, 8, 463-470. doi:, J. E. (2012). Human learning (6th ed.) Upper Saddle River, NJ: PearsonEducation, Inc.The Holy Bible Philippians 3:16, English Standard Version

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