Better Education for the Smaller Family

In recent years, a trend around the world has been toward a smaller family. Most families in the world have one or two children. In Vietnam, the average number of children per family has decreased in the last 20 years. A typical Vietnamese family has only one or two children. In the past, a family with more than ten children was not strange. The better education and the improvement of living condition have caused smaller family size. First, the average number of children per family has decreased because of better education. After the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese government has emphasized on education.
Every kid could go to school to study. Therefore, more knowledge and more job opportunities have provided to Vietnamese people. High-educated people concentrate on their work and their income. They do not want to marry soon. The more late married couples there are, the fewer children are born. Consequently, the family size has decreased. Moreover, Vietnamese people used to think that a big family with many children is a happy family. The educated people have a different point of view. They cannot provide their children a good education and a satisfactory support if they had many children.
They have realized the benefit from a smaller family. For instance, the parent can afford $1000 to their children a month. If they had four children, each would receive only $250. However, the kid in a single child family would receive the whole supply. A small family would provide the child a good condition to grow up. Besides, a problem has occurred from smaller families. The child becomes mischievous and naughty. The kid does whatever he or she wants because they know that their parent do not have many children.

Second, the improvement of living condition has caused smaller family size. During the Vietnam War, Vietnamese people liked to have many children because they were afraid that they would lose their kids for the war. They wanted more and more of their kids to become more and more Vietnamese soldiers. After the war, they did not need more children. As a result, the family size started to decrease. Furthermore, Vietnam is a country base on farm product. Eighty percent of Vietnamese people are farmers. The farm work is very difficult and requires a lot of labor.
They needed many family members to help their work. Therefore, they had many children. Nowadays, farmers have used machine and new technology in their work. The apparatus has replaced the labor. The farmers do not need many people to help them. Accordingly, they have had fewer children. In addition, more public services and information have been provided to Vietnamese people. The couples have planed to have healthy marriages. A small family is a good choice for them. This smaller, healthier family contributes to overall development and slower population growth.
Nevertheless, the trend toward smaller family needs to be controlled in order to have a best result. Providing jobs and food is hard, but lacking work force is also a problem. Nowadays, people have fewer children then they had before. The more kids they have, the more money and time they spend. In order to have a happy family, they have to support a good environment to their children. Separating the parents” afford and love for three or four children is not a good idea. Consequently, a smaller family is the best choice.

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