Choose one of the following topics.1. With the help of the discussion of feminist criticism in Barry’s book, write a short essay (1000-1200 words) in which you select one aspect of feminist reading or writing and then apply it to a discussion of any relevant events, dialogues, or passages from Morrison’s Beloved.2. In the chapter on post-structuralism, Barry presents a model of deconstructive reading in three stages: verbal, textual, and linguistic. Based on this model, write your own (short) deconstructionist analysis of Toni Morrison’s Beloved. In other words, look for and comment upon discontinuities or “fault-lines” in the narrative on each of these three levels. Write your analysis in essay format (1000-1200 words). Stay focused to the topic/thesis and the question you pose in your essay. Stay away from diverting to different ideas -STAY ON TOPIC. Everytime you construct a sentece and paragraph – it should answer the thesis. If it is not necessary to the thesis – take it away. Stay on topic. And you must use Barry’s book.Essay Info: These assignments are to be written with an introduction, discussion, and conclusion, but do not use these words as headings in your essays. Everyone should be able to identify the introduction, the discussion, and the conclusion in your essays. Use Times New Roman, font 12 and double-space your text. Follow the MLA citation style rules for formatting quotations, in-text citations, and Works Cited. It is important that you write objectively, that you do not generalize, and that you use formal academic English.

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