Behold the Dreamers assignment

After you read chapters 15-28, please respond to questions below. 
1. In chapter 16, based on Jende’s comments, it appears that he believes in the American Dream. 
1a. Identify a specific comment that confirms to you that Jende believes in the American Dream. 
1b. How would you explain the concept of the American Dream to someone? 
2. In the car, Vince shares his perspective of reality with Jende. What is Jende’s reaction to Vince’s comments? Why do you think Jende reacts in this manner? 
3. In chapter 17, we read that the Edwards family plans to vacation in the Hamptons. Click on link below to read article. After reading article, respond to questions below. (Links to an external site.)
3a. Briefly describe the location of the Hamptons. 
3b. Why do you think the Edwards family chooses to spend a portion of the summer in the Hamptons? 
3c. What do you think, if anything, is significant about spending summers in the Hamptons? Provide a reason or reasons for your thoughts. If you do not see significance in spending summers in the Hamptons, please expound on your position. 
4. Neni provides a description of her life in Cameroon prior to her father having to take a position at the Treasury Department in Limbe.
4a. What do we learn about her family’s existence in the 1980’s and early 1990’s?
4b. How does the change in her father’s occupation affect his family and him? Provide at least one example to support your thoughts.
4c. What other situation occurs that affects the financial stability of Neni’s family? How do you think this occurrence would affect financial stability of a family? 
5. In chapter 19, Cindy voices statements about Africans and poverty.
5a. What are her specific comments?
5b. Do these statements appear to be stereotypes about a group of people and a continent? Why or why not? Note: To respond to these questions, you need to be sure that you understand the meaning of stereotype – see page 10 in the Sociology in Action textbook. 
6. Based on Cindy’s comments about her childhood and subsequent lifestyle after completing college and marrying Clark Edwards, what can you infer about social mobility in her life? Identify two examples from the book that support your inference(s). 
7. Liomi inquires about his family returning to Cameroon. How does Jende react to his inquiry? Why do you think Jende reacts in this manner? 
8. It appears that Cindy Edwards is addicted to prescription medication. Oftentimes, it is stated that persons who have addictions are attempting to self-medicate themselves from perceived pain/challenges in their lives. What experience(s) do you think would cause Cindy to desire self-medication? Why did you choose this/these experience(s)? 
9. Mighty and Vince visit the home of the Jongas. Jende introduces them to some Cameroonian cultural practices. Identify one of these practices. 
For the question below, you will need to reply/respond to one of your classmates responses. Your response must be grounded in novel content and/or sociological theory/concepts
10. Identify two different passages from the reading that made an impact on you. These passages could capture an enlightening intellectual moment or it could be passages that you found interesting. List the two passages (to include page number(s) and paragraph number(s) and provide a reason why this content was enlightening/interesting to you.

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