Assume that you work for a sports marketing agency

Assume that you work for a sports marketing agency. Your client, a new sports drink called PolySport, wants to use sports marketing to reach its target consumer group of casual athletes and sports spectators of all types. They want to know what types of sports-related marketing tactics are available to them. Without mentioning any specific sports or athletes, provide a list of the categories of sports marketing tactics that they could choose.Make each item on your list a very distinct type of sports marketing tactic. Provide a 1 to 3 sentence explanation of each sports marketing tactic. For example: “You could utilize VENUE SPONSORSHIP which is selecting an appropriate venue to be named after your brands. Venue sponsorship can provide a lot of visibility to attendees and those who view broadcasts of the games. This sponsorship may also include exclusive rights to be the only sports drink sold in the venue. “ Sports venue sponsorship cannot be one of your answers.You may use your lecture notes, personal experience, and even some online research (you must cite your sources in those cases).Number and list exactly 5 DISTINCT SPORTS MARKETING TACTICS. (4 points each x 5 = 20 points)

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