assistance with paper for global health policy, ethics and law in nursing

Assignment Objectives: 1. Define negligence and liability as they apply to healthcare 2. Differentiate between malpractice and negligence 3. Discuss Disciplinary Action Directives Purpose: Explain to students why you are asking them to complete this task Assignment Description: You are a chief nursing officer for a 250 bed hospital and you were notified that one of your nursing staff administered an injection to a patient without a physician order. In a 1,500 – 1, 750 word paper explain the actions that you would take immediately and then later in a corrective action plan. Parameters: Include certain requirements for the satisfactory completion of an assignment like proper incorporation of APA 6th edition, page length (APA formatting pages do not count in this total), number of citations, etc. This can also be a grading rubric.Possible points: 120

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