Assignment Details Using our texts and readings as resources

Assignment DetailsUsing our texts and readings as resources, write a brief (1-2 pages) paper analyzing the philosophy and psychology of humor seen in an example of pop-culture comedy. You may use a scene from a movie, an episode from a comedy television program (any vintage) or a routine from a stand-up comedian.Based on your example and analysis, develop at least TWO discussion questions for your classmates.Part of the assignment includes responding to comments to your analysis that posted by your classmates or the instructor.Important TipsThis is not a movie review or a summary of a TV plot; you should spend no more than a short paragraph describing the scene or episode you are analyzing.Be sure to analyze the theories of humor (from Morreall’s text) seen in your example.Be sure to discuss the psychology of the humor, as per the Martin text.Your project paper should demonstrate analytical, interdisciplinary and integrative writing.Do not waste words or space in discussing how popular the movie or TV show is, or critiquing the actors.Use our course discussion threads as examples when you develop the questions for your classmates.Your discussion questions should require analytical, interdisciplinary answers from your classmates.

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