The purpose of this assignment is for you to estimate how you are expending your health care dollars and how you can be a wise health consumer.
1. Prepare a list of the health products (be specific) and health services you anticipate purchasing in a one year period. (For example health insurance, health and beauty aids, doctor visits, mammograms, checkups, flu shots, vitamins, chiropractic, massage, The best way to do this is to go into your bathroom, open up your medicine cabinet and write everything down.
2. Estimate the expenditure for each and the yearly total cost.
3. What percentage of your total yearly income do these expenditures represent? If you do not have a job, then estimate off realistic estimated income when you graduate.
4. Based on the material you learned from this class and outside sources as a wise consumer how can you best spend your health care dollars?
FYI: There is absolutely no way this assignment can be $0, unless you do not use shampoo, soap, deodorant, aspirin, lotion, toothpaste, tampons, toilet paper, etc.

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