Assignment 2: Role of Police Psychological Services

The professional environment of police psychological services differs from more traditional psychology services. In this assignment, you will be introduced to and will gain an understanding of police psychological services.


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Assignment 2: Role of Police Psychological Services
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Using the module readings and the Argosy University online library resources, research police psychological services and the role of the psychological services section in a police department. You can also contact your local police or sheriff’s department for more information or explanations.
In a minimum of 300 words, respond to the following:

1. What are police psychological services, and what is the role of a psychological services section?
2. How do in-house psychological services differ from department-to-department (e.g., local versus city and state versus federal departments) services?
3. How does a psychological services section differ from departments that do not have in-house services?
4. What is the potential role of psychological services in smaller departments?

Apply APA standards to cite sources.



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