Article Review


Two Pages Excluding the title page and refernce page. 

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Article Review
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Autism in  Toddlers 

You will be required to submit two-full-page papers where you will give a brief analysis of at least three scholarly articles (2010 to 2017/18) and one non-scholarly article per paper. You are more than welcome to have more than two pages per submission. The following format is required:   1. At least two paragraphs, of the two-full pages, must have more than 2 separate sources to synthesize your content (3 points for each synthesized paragraph),   
2. Paper must be two FULL pages (2 points),  
3. Make sure that your in-text citations align with your references (2 points),  
 4. *Double-space your lines, left justify your paper, and use Times New   Roman 12 pt., 
 5. *Have a title page and reference page, 
  6. *DO NOT use any in-text citation or references from websites such as “citation machine” as they are not always correct,
  7. *Must have level headings and page numbers,  
 8. *If the same errors are found within subsequent article reviews, points will be deducted, especially after the professor gives feedback,  
9. No abbreviations, no acronyms, no contractions (academic level writing), 
 10. No direct quotes and all reviews will be submitted through Turnitin, and  
 11. Please submit all short papers in the drop box area under “Article Reviews.”  The * listed above indicates that the grading is under the sole discretion of the professor who can deduct points for not following directions by using the template. The template will be uploaded in the Article Review link.  

****Please note that I will give you a template that you must use, which has the title page, references page, level headings, page numbers, and is formatted for proper 6th edition APA format. If you choose not to use the template, 5 points will be deducted from this assignment. If you use your own template, I will grade on APA.


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