Art Experience Essay

Abstract Through the journey of Art, one can experience many ideas and also learn how far his or her imagination can take them. While visiting the 621 Gallery located in Tallahassee, Florida, I learned that art does not necessarily have to consist of paintings or drawings but that it could also consist of steel made up into shapes and patterns that can represent some for of existence or portion of history. The first peice of atrwork that I would like to analyize was created by Charles Hook. The peice is call Fernis and it is painted steel that was done in 2007.
It is a part of the permanent collection there at the gallery and it seems to be shaped up into the form of a dragon of some sort. It is black in color and seems to be the head of a dragon who seems to be opening it’s mouth with a gesture as if it is about to get very angry and possible send out a roaring hurl of fire. The tongue of the dragon is sticking out and the eyes are slanted. The dragon does not have a body, just only the head is seen here which to me seems to leave the viewer with more of a chance to imagine what could have possiblyhappen to this poor creature of extinction.
The fact that the steel peice is located out in a woody area is also interesting because it seem to show that shrubbery has since then emerged around this image creating a scene to me that the dragon could have been seen in more recent of times, thats if one has a greater imagination. Being that dragons were considered to be winged beasts that were ruler of the water and the lands around them, this peice of art was interesting to me beacuse it makes me wonder how can such of beast of this great nature (ruler of the land and sea) end up with no body parts and be represented in a civilization where in all but his exist.

The second peice of artwork that I would like to analyze is a peice created by James Davis. This peice is entitled, This is Something We Had to go Through. It is made of Steel and Cast Iron in 2004-2005. This peice must have been for sale as it is priced at $10,000. The peice of artwork seems to be a wall that has the been ran through by maybe a soldier of war that has been in training. The wall also has a breakage area noted that looks as if the wall began to crack open as the force from the soldiers running through it caused it to crack open.
I think this peice is a perfect representation of war times and one can imagine the types of training that the soldiers were asked to perform in order to get them ready for dthe next battle at hand. The two peices of artwork seem to be similar in that they both represent creatures of war and protection of territory in some form or fashion to me. I enjoyed viewing the peices as it broadens my mind and makes me take into consideration that there is a message in each peice of artwork whether it be a statue, painting, column, or just the impressionism of a male or female, flower or great wall of any nature.
The viewer must be able to open up and understand that art is a creation of feelings, emotions and experiences that one has been through and that we must be able to try to open our eyes and see what the artist is trying to express as a whole. Art work can also be made out of many forms of material. It can be made of canvas, stone, steel and even objects found by many in things such as trash and even found in nature. Artists can be young or old. Imagination can become astounding when used spontaneously.

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Art Experience Essay
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