Argumentative Essay on Why Sex Education Should be Taught in Schools

1. The outline must be done MLA 
2. Create a Formal sentence outline 
3. Provide the MLA heading in the top left corner of your document
4. Write the working thesis after the heading. Keep in mind, this is just an outline. so your thesis is subject to change as you write your essay
5. For the outline, you won’t necessarily be focusing on your introduction and conclusion but more so the body paragraphs. Make sure to include a little background information (to make sure you understand why this is or has been a concern and to help your reader understand the context of your topic),  at least 3 reasons that support your argument, and the most prominent opposing view(s). I will check for all of these items in your outline. Missing information can result in point deductions.
6. Every item should be in sentence form. Phrase and standalone words are used in only informal outlines, so because this is a formal sentence outline, expect to lose points should you only write in phrases and/or words.
7. Follow the outline formatting, meaning for outlines you MUST use the numbers, letters, and Roman numerals as well as indentations. Points will be deducted if outline is not formatted correctly.
8. Keep in mind, for every “A” item you write, there should also be a “B,” and for every “1,” there must be a “2.” It’s fine if some of your points change or new ones are added later on in the writing process.  I just want to make sure you have valid reasons that can be sufficiently supported.

The Layout 
Thesis: (after your heading, write your working thesis here. Remember, thesis statements are not in question form)
I. Background: (you may include the words “Background,” “Supporting Reasons,” and “Opposing View” after the roman numerals if it helps you better organize your information)
     A. Important Details
     B. Important Details
II. Supporting Reasons: (each of these should be your topic sentences)
     A. Reason 1 – topic sentence
     B. Reason 2 – topic sentence
     C. Reason 3 – topic sentence
III. Opposing view: (This should be the topic sentence of this paragraph)
     A. Explain the opposition more
     B. Explain the opposition more
     C. Explain the opposition/remind reader why your position is more practical/feasible/logical

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Argumentative Essay on Why Sex Education Should be Taught in Schools
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