Applied Final Project

Papers must be written using the current APA Publication Manual. Papers must be seven to ten typed double-spaced pages. Minimum length is 1800 words not including references, title page, etc. No more that 75 words can be direct quotes. Tables and figures may not be used unless created by the student. Papers must include a minimum of ten relevant resources, appropriately cited.At least 5 of these must be scholarly in nature.Stress Management for SalespeopleFrank Taylor’s automobile dealership has a number of high-achieving salespeople who could be described as extreme Type A personalities. Unfortunately, several of them are experiencing stress-related physical problems such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and migraine headaches. You have been hired to develop a stress reduction program incorporating both relaxation techniques and physical exercises that can be utilized by individuals and in group sessions several days a week at work. Describe specifics of a program that incorporates techniques of proven efficacy in dealing with extreme Type A personality behaviors.Project Grading Rubric: 543210CONTENT 1. All topics were discussed in clear detail. 2. Assertions were supported correctly. 3. Ideas were interrelated coherently and logically. 4. Author creatively enhances the topic. ORGANIZATION 5. An introduction previews main points of reflection. 6. Body of paper develops and elaborates main ideas. 7. A conclusion summarizes main points. WRITING MECHANICS and STYLE 8. Paper is free of mechanical errors (e.g., misspellings, typos, etc.). 9. Paper is grammatically sound (proper sentence structure). 10. Citations and references are in proper APA style. Points to be awardedBehaviors demonstrated5paper contains no errors in this area4paper contains limited errors in this area; however, the overall presentation of the material is readable and appropriate3paper contains limited errors in this area; however, the overall presentation of the material is difficult to read2paper contains a number of errors in this area; however, the overall presentation is acceptable1paper contains a number of errors in this area, and the overall presentation is difficult to read0paper contains numerous errors in this area, which detracts from the overall presentation*Can you add ten more relevant scholary sources from umuc librabry.*

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