Application of the Top-Down Network Design Methodology

1. What are the business goals? (10 points)
The goals of the business are to create a new network that could support the growing number of students at the campus and to create a way for off campus students to access the network.
2. What are the business constraints? (10 points)

The constraints on the company are that the budget consists of revenue from property taxes and a previously approved bond, so with the network now needing to be larger and more accessible the money from the bonds may not be enough to supplement the project.
3. What are the technical goals? (10 points)
The technical goals of the company are to:
*Build a new IT wing for the administration building so that all of the servers can be centralized *Connect all of the buildings to the new IT wing
*Provide wireless access to the students in their classrooms *Provide wireless access to students off campus
*Provide a high-speed wireless connection for the faculty
*Provide a centralized online backup for student and faculty documents *Replace the PBX based phone system with a new VoIP system
4. What are the technical constraints? (10 points)
The one big issue that is a technical constraint on the company is that due to the rising number of students, the school is planning on needing another campus location- which is expected to be about 15 miles away. Creating a wireless network for the new campus to connect to the original campus will cause issues when it is completed. While the new building has been approved for funding, the new addition on the network has not.
5. Diagram the existing network. (10 points)
6. Describe the existing network traffic. (10 points)
7. Complete this table for all of the applications that currently run over the network. (10 points)

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