anthropology essay

Essay Length:
 An essay of a minimum of 1,000 words required.  If it is less than 1,000 words, it is 
unacceptable.    You  may  exceed  1,000  words  if  you  wish,  but  please  do  not  overdo  it.  Be  sure  to 
include the word count, as indicated by your word processing software, on you essay.
Essay  Format:   
The  essay  must  be  word-processed.    You  should  use  1-inch  margins,  double-
spacing, and a standard font style (no Old English, Gothic, etc.) and size (12-point or slightly larger).  
As font sizes seem to vary with software and printers, try to find a size that roughly approximates that 
used  in  this  syllabus,  or  a  bit  larger.    Anything  smaller  or  outside  the  other  parameters  set  forth  is 
nearly  impossible  for  me  to  edit  or  comment  on.    If  you  are  not  able  to  meet  these  parameters  by 
writing your essay on your phone, you may not write your essay on your phone!
Essay Topic:  
Discuss the topic or topics covered prior to Exam 2 (including all readings assigned) 
that you found to be the most important and/or interesting, and why you found it/them to be so.
Source Material and Citations:
Please understand, this is a “reaction essay” NOT a “research 
paper.” Therefore, limit your discussion of the topic(s) to text and lecture material only; do not 
use  “outside”  sources  of  information.    Be  sure  to  use  your  own  words,  as  plagiarism  will  be 
grounds  for  severe  disciplinary  action  (including  an  F  for  the  course  and,  potentially, 
expulsion  from  the  College).   
If  you  write  in  your  own  words,  you  will  not  have  a  problem.    If  you 
directly quote the text, use quotation marks and follow the quote with the primary author and the page 
number  in  parentheses,  for  example,  “blah-blah-blah”  (Ember  104).    If  you  directly  quote  me  from  a 
lecture, then use quotation marks once again followed by my last name in parentheses, for example, 
“blah-blah-blah” (Fisk).  As a rule of thumb, four (4) or more words in succession taken directly from a 
source is considered plagiarism. So be forewarned, changing a word or two in a sentence does NOT 
protect   you   from   a   plagiarism   charge   –   you   MUST   do   your   own   writing!      The   “why   it   is 
interesting/important  to  you”  portion  of  the  essay  will  come  from  YOU  of  course,  and  WILL  BE  AN 

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