Analyze the Life Essay

Name: Roechell Persuasive Speaking Assignment – 20 points total Explain wheather each statement below deals primarily with a question of fact, a question of value, or a question of policy. (10 piont) Question of fact – addresses a question about the truth or falsity of an assertion -Who will win the National Championship this year? – Does recycling paper really make a difference? – Did the suspect in question commit the crime? Question of policy – addresses a question about the worth, rightness, or morality of idea or action WNCCis the best college in Nebraska. Question of policy – addresses a question about wether a specific course of action should or should not be taken – Should WNCC prohibit smoking within 100 feet of all building entrances? – How should the NFL change football rules to reduce brain injuries? 1. President Franklin D. Roosevelt knew in advance about the Japanese plan to attack Pearl Harbor and allowed it to happen. Question of fact 2. If Franklin D. Roosevelt knew in advance about the Japanese plan to attack Pearl Harbor, He was wrong in allowing it to happen.
Question of policy 3. A federal law should be passed requiring the driver’s seatbelt to be fastened in order for a car to operate. Question of policy 4. Using genetic profiles as screening devices for jobs in private business violates an employee’s right to privacy. Question of fact 5. the use of genetic profile’s in screening employees for private business should be banned by law. Question of policy Identify the fallacy in each of the following statements. ( 10 poin) Fallacies: Hasty generaliztion -jumping to conclusions onthe basis of too little evidence -False cause – assuming that event A caused event B simply because it occurred before event B -Invalid Analogy – the cases being compared are not essentially alike – Red Herring – intorduces an irrelevant issue to divert attention away from the subject under discussion -Ad Hominem – attacks the person, rather than dealing with the real issue in dispute -Either-Or – forces listeners to choose between two alternatives when more than two alternatives exist Bandwagon – assumes that because something is popular, it is good -Slippery Slope -assumes that taking a first stop will lead to subsequent steps that cannot be prevented Statements: 1. I don’t see any reason to wear a helmet when I ride a bike. Everyone bikes without a helmet. Bandwagon 2. It’s ridiculous to worry about protecting America’s national parks against pollution and overuse when innocent people are being killed by terrorists. Red Herring 3. There can be no doubt that the Great Depression was caused by Herbert Hoover.
He became President in March 1929, and the stock market crashed just seven months later. Hasty generaliztion 4. If we allow the school board to spend money remodeling the gymnasium, next they will want to build a new school and give all the teachers a huge raise. Taxes will soar so high that businesses will leave and then there will be no jobs for anyone in this town. Slippery Slope 5. Raising a child is just like having a pet – you need to feed it, play with it, and everything will be fine. Hasty generaliztion 6. I can’t srpport Representative Frey’s proposal for campaign finance reform.

After all he was kicked out of law school for cheating on an exam. Red Herring 7. One nonsmoker, interviewed at a restaurant, said, “I can eat dinner just fine even though people around me are smoking. ” Another, responding to a Los Angeles Times survey, said, ” I don’t see what all the fuss in about. My wife has smoked for years and it has never bothered me. ” We can see, then, that secondhand smoke does not cause a problem for most nonsmokers. -Hasty generaliztion 8. Our school must either increase tuition or cut back on library services for students. -Either-Or

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