Analytical research assignment

Analytical Research Assignment
Summary of Assignment: First, let’s discuss what the assignment is not. This paper is not a persuasive essay, and it should not be emotionally driven. While the paper must possess a thesis (opinion), the thesis should be based upon reliable and reasonable conclusions.
Here’s a way to think about the difference between a persuasive research paper and an analytical research paper.
A persuasive essay might argue against the death penalty by arguing it is cruel, dehumanizes prisoners, and a personal account might be provided. An analytical research paper may also argue against the death penalty, but it would support the thesis by providing evidence that the death penalty does not lower rates of violent crime, it would show the high financial costs of the death penalty, and it would cite studies that identify more effective deterrent methods
An analytical research paper is similar to an experiment, starting with a hypothesis (question in our case). However, instead of conducting a scientific experiment to come to a conclusion, we do research, and base the conclusion on the reliable evidence that has been accumulated.

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