An Ideal Life

Life- this word carries with itself tremendous importance. it is a gift to all of mankind from the eternal Almighty. This is indicates that one has to use it to the fullest and not preserve it as an artifact. Life is above all our belongings. Nowadays,people live life for only one thing,the thing that can soothe even an Iron man’s heart,¬†money. People use fraudulent methods, practices and techniques to amass wealth,but this is not the life the eternal force wanted us to live. Many perish to the perils in life but life has to be so lest it would be like a person being spoon-fed.
The eternal force wanted us to live a happy and satisfied life. Money is not a matter of concern. Serving humanity until life topples down,leaving our legacy behind for others to follow are the building blocks of an ideal life. People are remembered for their deeds and not for how long they lived. Mahatma Gandhi is the perfect example for a person with an ideal life. Simple style of living,having one’s goals set and the determination to achieve them,no inclination towards negative values were the spotlight of Gandhi’s life.
Today we find such things rubbish and behave in an exact antithetical manner in comparison to Gandhi’s life. Yet it is Mahatma Gandhi’s photo that is printed on the Indian Currency Note and not ours. Hence. we should to try to live a life like the Mahatma himself. Life should be utilized to the fullest and must be our cherished possession always. Leading an ideal life will keep our reputation intact and create an example for others to follow. We shall be remembered for years together.

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