an essay without a word limit

read two articles and write an essay, no word limit.

essay Instructions:
Before attempting this quiz, make sure you have read and taken notes on both the Kelshaw and Mutz articles. You will need content from both of these sources to answer this quiz question.

Your response ot this question will include evidence from both Kelshaw’s “Communication as Political Participation” and Mutz’ “Status Threat, Not Economic Hardship, Explains the 2016 Presidential Vote.” Make sure you cite all of your information from these sources with page numbers at the end of the sentence/quote/paraphrase. The goal here is for you to demonstrate an understanding of these two sources, seeing connections between these two sources, and using Kelshaw to further explain the points in Mutz. Your response will be a minimum three paragraphs.
Here is your question: Discuss what ideas and/or concepts these two sources share (or have similar) and then explain how Kelshaw’s ideas further explain the issues that Mutz identifies in understanding the 2016 US Presidential election voting patterns. Whatever take you have on the information, given the context of this course, your answer will likely focus on group identity (or identities) and concepts related to group membership.

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