American Business History Analysis

There was a time when concept of employing technology was very vague therefore a major company decided to stop making technological accessories such as mainframe computer at that time because they thought there is no profit in it, but as the time passed the necessity of having PCs increased phenomenally in 1980s. Since then a series of developing PCs got started by improving the security, compatibility and other issues every time. Then comes HP i. e. Hewlett Packard as a solution provider in information technology. It aimed to serve consumers, businesses, and institutions globally (HP, 2009).

The surfacing of Information technology has changed the way people do their businesses, instead of huge man power for manual operations; organizations now need a technology solution that is optimized and easy to perform. The case with institutions is the employment of an optimal system for its functioning. Consumers today want to have each domestic and official problem to be solved using technology. HP is famous for the products it makes, but from its foundation in 1939 till now it has been providing solutions to humanity.

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American Business History Analysis
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Getting started from the invention of oscillators for Walt Disney they have reached to the status of launching Apple iPods being one of the most trusted brands (HP, 2009). The effects of generating technology solutions are huge. The way of living has revolutionalized, core operations have changed their shape. The PC systems have become the personal items now therefore the demand has increased and with the advancement of technology the cost is cutting down day by day. In this paper, there is an analysis on the cultural changes, social impacts, and optimal advantages we have got after the emergence of information technology.
Cultural Changes The computers today are amongst the most essential technology accessories which include other things as well like television, weapons, etc. The cultural changes refer to the change in common practices of people living in a culture. Common use of personal computers has brought out a change on a public level. With the progress of technology everyone has started expecting more and more, even a low-class family would need a PC, and if a middle class or high class family is there, then a PC per head is in demand.
Every person has started keeping a bigger circle of friends and he keeps in touch very easily with everyone of them. The extensive usage of anything does not increase the price, rather the price decreases and that thing becomes affordable. This affordability allows people to use the PCs in different areas e. g. education. Now people think that if a child would take a PC with himself to school, it will be the key to his better learning. But researches have proved that the PCs of children should not remain unchecked otherwise it would be equally negative as the watching television programs untiringly (Dr.
David Walsh, 2007). The investors regularly check the stocks; youngsters keep themselves updated with the latest scores, or result statistics, children seek help for their homework and studies (Purdy, 2008). The culture of America has changed by leaps and bounds, this includes the fact that a person who can just read and write is no more considered educated until he gets proper schooling and unless he grooms himself to be a computer literate. The American culture has changed so much that even the people in America did not know themselves that there lifestyle is going to change entirely in the next half century.
Now from dawn to dusk, most of the official and domestic stuff is performed on computer. Every transaction, including farming activities to the supply of basic necessities, has been computerized now. Banking, food delivery to home, water supply, shopping, reading, writing, everything has lost its actual medium and has turned to computers now because this is the place where one can perform all of them. Today, in America, only a few jobs would be there without the requirement of computer literacy.
Through computers many of the job positions have been introduced such as software developers, software engineers, hardware technicians, network administrator etc. People in America are found to be more impatient now because they require rapid results now. A habit of multitasking has become very regular in culture. People dine, work, communicate, and get entertained at the same time through this single medium. A habit of laziness is being practically observed as a cultural habit now, because people have become habitual of doing everything on their personal computers now. Now computers are an individual possession.
People can hardly share their PCs with others. The prevalence of computers has developed a habit of overlooking minor things. In early days people with good spellings were unique, and others ought to learn this for their spruce. The research and development work is no more a hassle for people going to libraries and grasping the encyclopedias and books all over, rather they use computers for quick work. Thus the beginning of computer as a common entity has changed the way of life wholly (Essays. CC, 2004). Social Impact The usage of PCs has left behind some impacts on society.
Positive impacts are indeed uncountable and have been in the discussion above but socially and morally it is observed that a great deterioration has appeared in the attitude of people. Brilliant students in the class get addicted and start losing their grades; youngsters get captivated with their gaming activities so much that they are hardly able to catch up with the loss in their studies. Many kill big part of their time in communicating with their old mates, and family member living abroad. Big professionals waste their energy and time in searching things of their interest, instead of spending efforts in their professional growth.
Some people do not even notice the time they sat in front of the PC. These social impacts obviously result in failure of different sorts. Though they are using a very smart device of the time still they are suffering from various psychological and physical syndromes like dry eyes, sleeping disorders, irregular eating habits, migraine headaches, hygiene problems, depression, obsession, lying habit, back aches etc (CAS-Computer Addiction Services, 2003). Effects on Business Industry There would be no two views about the fact that businesses have got an immense boom after the emergence of computer technology.
Business is not restricted to any specific area now, but has widened significantly. The American industry has earned a lot from it but industry can have even more. People most of the times do not feel comfortable while doing transaction on their Computer systems because they are always threatened by the hacking activities. This security issue restricts the users from doing the transactions with complete freedom. With that small companies have earned good revenues through doing businesses online in one-room organization. (Hutchison, 1999).
Just because the American industry was adaptable to the changes which were made to the way of doing business, it flourished. These changes were all the way from production, selling, marketing, till the maintenance. Therefore who ever adapted these changes got success. The businesses are developing because of collaborative communications (Business will Change, 2009). Conclusion Computer technology has revolutionized the lifestyle of today. Although the computers had been designed to serve the humanity, but due to its advancement, humanity itself has to reach the advancement in order to get the most out of it.
This is so true that invention of computers have changed us more than changing our domain. Computers have provided us the smooth road of optimization, but it does need our sharp attitude to make decisions in an instance to get the results. Emergence of digital computers have given the way to promote technology and transform the atmosphere in our surroundings for a positive change in society, exactly like the invention of steam engine gave way to other inventions for economic development. It’s an ongoing process to first create technology than adapt it fully to make the most of it.
Digital Computers direct us to learn the memory management, storage devices, programming language etc. because these are the things that will help us to invent more things in technology. Now we are able to manage bigger and multifarious organization and we can invest higher amounts with reliability due to its emergence. The invention of computer is different from others because all the other inventions extended certain domains but computers accelerated us to grow culturally (Business will Change, 2009). References Business will Change.
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