Allied Group

The Allied Group intends to expand the company’s operation by making  significant investments in several opportunities available to the group.  Accordingly, the group has identified a need for additional financing  in preferred and new common stock and new bond issues. The (Krf)  risk-free rate for the company is 7%, and the appropriate tax rate is  40%. Also, the beta coefficient for the company is 1.3 and the market  risk premium (Km) is 12%.

New Debt (Kd)
The company has been advised that new bonds can be sold on the market at par ($1000) with an annual coupon of 8%, for 30 years.

New Common Stock
Market analysis has determined that given the positive history of the  firm, new common stock can be sold at $29 per share, with the last  dividend being paid of $2.25 per share. The growth rate on any new  common stock has been estimated at a constant rate of 15% per year for  the next 3 years.

Preferred Stock
New Preferred Stock can be issued with an annual dividend of 10% of  par and is paid annually and currently would sell for $90 per share.


Using the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), discuss and calculate the cost of new common stock (Ks).
What would the dividend yield as a percentage (i.e., per dividend  payment divided by the book value of a share of stock) today and a year  from now if the dividend growth rate is 12%?
What is the after-tax cost as a percentage (e.g., interest rate) of new debt today?
What are your recommendations for raising capital based on your  answers to the above questions plus considering other factors (e.g.,  current and potential changes in the economy locally, regionally,  nationally and worldwide, changes in the demand and/or supply plus cost  of materials, skilled labor, management and/or leadership, changes in  interest, tax, inflation and/or supply of investment capital)?

Submission Details:

Submit your 3 to 4 page paper in Microsoft Word, using APA style. 100% original, no plagarism. 3-4 references. 

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