Advantage Grant

I wish to apply for the Online Advantage Grant at CTU Online. I am currently enrolled in the Business Administration course at CTU Online. I am a mature student at thirty years of age and have returned to formal study as a way to improve my knowledge and skills. My parents have instilled upon myself and my sisters a lifelong desire to study.
Often working a lot harder themselves they enabled us to study; my parents have given to me a disciplined study ethic that acknowledges successful completion of tertiary courses as a vital step towards gaining my place in the community.
My ethnicity is American Indian; I am excited about my opportunity to bring my cultural diversity to the community once empowered by the completion of the Business Administration course at CTU. A nation wide emphasis has been given to bringing cultural diversity into all fields of American life.

I believe that a critical element of bringing true cultural diversity into all American workplaces is the opportunity for ethnic minority group members to complete tertiary studies.
I have secured my place to participate in a very direct way in the development of true cultural diversity in the workplace by enrolling and starting the Business Administration Course at CTU. My motivation to complete the online course is high as I see the value not only for myself and my immediate family for my completion of this course but for the benefits that will flow from my education to my community.
With the knowledge and skills I gain from the Business Administration course I will be empowered to represent my cultural minority and to promote the sensitivity towards other cultural minorities into the workplace arena.
The career path I plan to follow is that of the healthcare industry. I have close relatives who currently work in the healthcare industry and through their insight I feel that this will be the way in which I can pursue a career that will bring the most impact back to my community and to my own sense of satisfaction and sense of giving back to others.
Of particular interest in our country today is the persistent inequity that surrounds people from ethnic or cultural minority groups and access to effective healthcare. Studies have been presented in the popular media that show that minority groups all share an underutilization of healthcare services compared to the majority Caucasian population.
Such studies report that lower rates of health insurance amongst people within minority groups accounts for only part of the lower use of healthcare services.
Key factors in the underutilization of healthcare services by people within minority groups was the lack of flexibility of healthcare service providers in terms of hours of operation and in terms of cultural sensitivity which led people of minority groups to not use the services or to limit their use of such services.
With the knowledge and skills I gain from my studies at CTU Online, I plan to bring the cultural sensitivity that my American Indian background has provided me to the healthcare industry.
My cultural background has given to me a unique perspective on the need for cultural sensitivity across all the diverse minority groups that make up the nation today. I am excited about the great advantage my heritage will bring to my effectiveness in the workplace.
I appreciate your consideration of my application for the Online Advantage Grant for CTU Online.

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Advantage Grant
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