Addressing Encryption

Week 8: Final Project Please write a carefully researched paper (at least thirteen pages) which analyzes and proposes solutions to the important problems below. The research paper should address Encryption, which is generally recognized as the greatest problem facing US law enforcement as we enter the third decade of the 21st Century. You are to: (1) discuss and analyze the problems encryption creates for law enforcement; (2) identify changes and proposed changes to the law in the US and other countries that have been enacted, or proposed to strike the appropriate balance between the needs of law enforcement and the privacy rights of citizens and (3) give your opinion, supported by detailed analysis, on what laws or combination of laws will most effectively strike the most reasonable balance.(ALL AREAS IN THIS ASSIGNMENT HAVE TO BE TOUCHED UPON. PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL WORK IS CITED IN APA AND ALL CONTENT IS ORIGINAL. THIS IS THE FINAL ASSIGNMENT AND NEEDS TO FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS, AND ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. PLEASE REFERENCE ALL OTHER CREDIBLE RESEARCH JOURNALS, CASES, AND ARTICLES. PLEASE BE ORINGINAL AND CITE ALL CONTENT IN APA FORMAT. PLEASE ALSO MAKE SURE DIRECTIONS ARE COMPLETELY FOLLOWED THIS IS A VERY STRICT INSTRUCTOR, AND I CAN’T AFFORD TO HAVE MY PAPER FLAGGED. THIS ASSIGNMENT HAS TO BE AT LEAST 13 FULL PAGES OF CONTENT AND AT LEAST 15-20 REFERENCES).

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