Ace Water Spa Case Study

Ace Water Spa is a resort-type spa that offers traditional massage services through the use of hydrotherapy systems that utilize water jets in order to provide water therapy to its guests. It first opened in Del Monte Ave. , Quezon City in 2005. It prides itself as the Philippines’ first ever European therapeutic spa concept. It is a spacious spa that has 20 unique and fully automated Ultrasonic Massage System equipped with therapeutic aquatic jets that helps customers with different health benefits which depends on the type of massage and machine they will use.
Ace Water Spa includes day spas, fitness clubs and gyms, and water resorts as their competitor. Examples are The Spa, Fitness First, and Splash Island. Compared to other day spas, the price of Ace Water Spa is much cheaper, which only costs Php. 480. 00 for adults and Php. 240. 00 for children 4ft. and below, while on other spas, the rates ranges for about few thousand pesos. However, other spas are more private than Ace Water Spa, because Ace Water Spa is a resort-type spa where everyone has access to the pools, while other spas have individual rooms for every customer.
Compared to water resorts, the price of Ace water Spa is more expensive. Like for instance, the rates of Splash Island on weekdays costs Php. 250. 00 for adults and Php. 200. 00 for children. During holidays and weekends, their rates cost Php. 325. 00 for adults and Php. 250. 00 for children. On the other hand, water resorts only cater aqua thrills, adventure, and fun while Ace Water Spa offers massage services. Compared to fitness clubs and gyms, they focus on developing health and fitness. They have different exercise studios, machines and equipments, and personal training.

Nevertheless, Ace Water Spa focuses on developing overall well-being through a variety of services. Ace Water Spa has been profitable on its first two years of operation. It has successfully differentiated itself from other day spas, fitness clubs, and water resorts. But since it is a resort-type spa, there have been negative comments regarding the convenience of customers. The place can sometimes be too crowded which results into uncomfortably experience of the customer. Although high traffic would be an advantage to Ace Water Spa, due to the means of high profitable margin, they must also balance profitability and customer satisfaction.

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