Accounting-The purpose of management accounting is to support decision making

The purpose of management accounting is to support decision making by collecting, processing, and communicating information that helps management plan, control, and evaluate business processes and company strategy. Organizations don’t typically have a job title called management accountant. Instead, this type of work is done by many individuals in varying positions – not all accountants.The ability to develop and use good management accounting is actually an important ability for many individuals, including finance professionals, operational and marketing managers, top-level executives, and information technologists.Let’s discuss the role of the management accountant and the type of work they do in some more depth. Do research on the Internet and find information about the importance of the management accounting within an organization. Please, add examples of management accounting tasks performed by individuals. How has the role of the managerial accountant in today’s business environment. How has the role changed and evolved over time?

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