Assignment: Institutional Support for Assessment
It’s one thing to expect college faculty to engage in meaningful assessment efforts; it’s another thing to support faculty in doing so. Institutions take very different approaches to assessment depending in part on the philosophical perspective of the leadership (which in some institutions include the faculty); on the institution’s mission, history, and student population; and on the resources it is willing to commit. This Assignment will give you an opportunity to ask the question of what resources and support are provided at a particular institution.
Choose an institution you would like to study. It could be one where you work now, one where you want to work, or another institution with which you are familiar. Visit the institution’s website (or visit the institution itself) to locate information on how faculty (and staff with responsibility for supporting student learning) participate in course-level, program-level, and institutional assessment. What resources, activities, guidance, or requirements are in place? What seems to be missing? Prepare a summary of your findings.
Assignment length: 2 ‐ 3 pages
By Day 7
Submit the presentation to the submission link.

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