A Proposed Solution to Hiring More Employees

Meeting the list above will improve healthy lifestyles for employees to keep working at their full potential. 1. 0 Introduction 1. 1 Purpose The purpose of this report is to hire a reasonable amount of employees for direct care at Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center. Hiring employees would cut down performance. 1. 2 Problem The staff mentioned the lack of staff to do the work. Employees were working more hours. They expressed their frustrations about not having holidays off. Not letting the staff know at head of time that they would be working forced overtime was frustrating to staff. Staff felt frustrated with continue mandatory overtime.
Patients are staying longer for treatment. Security officers are constantly call on hospital units four to five times in eight hours to handle crisis. Management not listing to staff to hire employees was a lack of team work. 2. 0 Discussion 2. 1 Solution Hire more employees to take the load off the current employees. 2. 2 Benefits Hiring new employees has many benefits. Here are a few of them: Employees could spend more time with family Employees would come to work happier The company would benefit by increasing productivity Benefit economy by giving more people work. It’s cheaper than having current employees work overtime.
Customers would have better service. 2. 3 costs Hiring new employees can be a costly process, but it will pay off in the long run. According to Joe Hadzima, a columnist for the Boston Business Journal and lecturer at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, the salary and benefits totals is “1. 25 to 1. 4 times base salary range. ” As shown by Figure 1 Wages and Salaries only equal about 70% of the cost to hire new employees. There are quite a few other expenses you must take into account. The True Cost of Hiring New Employees Figure 1 2. 4 Hiring Process The company could do mix of the following to find applicants: An ad in the paper

An internet ad Job fair if enough openings are available Recruiter at a college or university one after each other. It should take a week to get the ads out and another week for applicants to respond to the ads. After the interview it should take about 2 weeks to process the applicants. In about a month new employees should be working in the company. These positions could either be full time or part time whichever is necessary. 2. 5 Training Training is one of the most expensive things about hiring new employees but it’s important for employees to get the proper training.
It takes on average 5 months for new employees to become good at their work. According to the Studer Group, “A survey of 610 CEOs by Harvard Business School estimates that typical mid-level managers require 6. 2 months to reach their break-even point. ” There are many benefits to training employees. Here are few of them: They won’t damage expensive company property. Employees will be more productive and efficient at their work. Customers will be happier when they deal with well-trained employees. Other companies are more willing to work with your company if your employees know what they are doing.
Average Hours Employees are Trained In A Year This chart shows how employers are training employees more in the last few years. Figure 2 3. 0 Conclusion 3. 1 Solution Hiring new employees is the best solution for companies who are constantly busy and employees are working a ton of hours. Here are some of the many benefits: Current employees could spend more time with family Employees would come to work happier, because theyll have more time to rest and relax. The company would benefit by increasing productivity. Hiring new people is also good for the local economy by giving more people work.
It’s heaper to hire new employees than have current employees work overtime. Customer would also be happier with more employees so that they would have better service. 3. 2 Time Frame It should take about a month to hire new employees. It will take about 5 months for the employees to be trained in unless they have previous experience. So new employees should be hired and fully trained in in 6 months.

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A Proposed Solution to Hiring More Employees
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