8-3 Practice Activity: Research Questions

For your final course in criminal justice, you will have to create a research question that you will then investigate further. To assist you in this task, we will provide a list of current research topics covered in each course and ask you to submit at least one research question based on a topic covered in that course for instructor feedback. Using the topics listed below (or others covered in this course), create one to three research questions and submit them to your instructor.
These research questions are graded based on completion, and instructor feedback should help you strengthen your questions for future use. After you have submitted these questions to your instructor, upload the questions (and the list of potential topics below, if you wish) to your ePortfolio PDF. For more information on creating research questions, refer to this research resource from the Shapiro Library. This page also has a helpful FAQ section on research question creation and expectations that you may want to explore further.
Note: If this is the first time you are submitting a research question to support your work in the final course, you should create a folder within your ePortfolio with the title “Research Questions,” as you will be adding questions to this folder throughout the program. Follow these ePortfolio folder instructions PDF on creating a folder within your ePortfolio.

Necessity of the rule of law in a democratic society
Importance of the rule of law for policing
How law enforcement and constitutional personal rights intersect
The four purposes of punishment
The importance of cultural awareness in all communication from law enforcement, courts, and/or corrections
How each component works with and supports the others
The important roles of allied professionals
The purpose of the juvenile justice system and how and why it differs from the criminal justice system
The purpose of and some uses of various alternatives to arrest

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8-3 Practice Activity: Research Questions
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Specifically, the following rubric criteria must be addressed:

Submit one to three research questions based on a topic covered in this course.

Guidelines for Submission
This assignment must be completed in written format.


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