645 4-1 Discussion: Creativity and Innovation in Traditional Marketing

While traditional marketing methods are the cornerstone of any organization’s growth, creativity, and innovation, within traditional marketing is a definitive way of energizing any business offering. By being innovative and creative in its marketing efforts, an organization lends itself to being seen as dynamic, open to feedback, and always improving its offering.
In your initial post, answer the following:

Select two forms of traditional marketing channels from the following: TV, radio, print, outdoor.

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645 4-1 Discussion: Creativity and Innovation in Traditional Marketing
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What is the appeal of each of your chosen channels to these target audiences?

Baby Boomers
Generation Z

Based on your selection, describe one creative or innovative form of traditional marketing you have come across personally.

How did this creative or innovative approach influence your purchasing decision?

Share two “top” ideas to be considered for marketing the brand.

Include one idea each for the following areas: consumer research and SEO.


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