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The Hawthorne study focused on what motivates or influences individuals to be in the workplace, other than money (Bacck, 2012). Studies show that workers were not motivated by money, but by the positive social interaction with researchers. This positive interaction created a positive morale and work environment which increased productivity rates, got employees to perform more complex task that were required duties of supervisor status, and encouraged them to work together as a group and be loyal to each other. These components are incorporated in human resource functions by making employees their main focus, while also assisting in maintaining organizational development. Human resources department of an organizations role is to make employee feel welcomed and as a part of the team during their hiring process, and to make sure employees are treated properly by others and the organization. Organizations have to make sure they give back to their employees to acknowledge and so appreciation. Employee satisfaction will increase company success. It is manager’s role to recognize and understand what will create a positive morale and keep the employees happy as it increases productivity. I have been impacted by the components of the study through my current employer. As a hospital employee I feel as though the organization supports employee satisfaction. For example, during the hiring and onboarding process the HR department works diliglantly to ensure the experience is a positive one. They are polite and are there to assist and answer any questions during this process. After your orientation period has expired, they contact employees to discuss their experience and seek input on how they can make any improvements. HR also encourages each department manager to have meeting minutes daily. This is a daily huddle where concerns or issues are identified and addressed. This allows employee input on changes that should be made to create a better work environment. Throughout the year the hospital host appreciation weeks for employees of a specific job titles and roles and once a year we celebrate hospital week to recognize the hospital as a team. This give the organization the opportunity to recognize all hospital employee and the important roles they play in contributing to exceptional patient care and a successful organization. This creates a morale that make employees feel appreciated and encourages them to show grow in productivity and performance.
Baack, D. (2017). Organizational behavior (2nd ed.). Retrieved from https://ashford.content.edu

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610 wk1 db1 res1
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