5-1 MS3

Put yourself in Gloria’s shoes as you write a memo to set the stage for the next meeting with all of the key stakeholders. You will want to focus on gaining buy-in to get the stakeholders to attend the next meeting.
What is the main goal and what are the main objectives of the second meeting?
Who are the key stakeholders to be addressed in the memo? 
What are the main conflicts between the key stakeholders?
What are the main group dynamic issues at play, and what challenges does the organization face based on the conflicts and group dynamics?
How should Gloria approach the memo? In other words, what policies and anticipation of misunderstandings will she need to consider for the memo to be effective based on the goal of the second meeting?
What should Gloria take into consideration based on diversity, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds?
Is your memo written in a professional tone which includes smooth sentences, clear transitions, and an active voice? Is it formatted to create an easy reading experience?
Submission – 1 ½ page, APA format 


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5-1 MS3
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