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Reply to the students questions in 150 words and provide 1 reference
What do you think will be some of the most important innovations in logistics over the next ten years? As you identify these large innovations, discuss how they will affect your company’s products or another company that you know of.
Students response
I think some of the most important innovations in logistics over the next ten years involve increased robotics integration, cybersecurity in logistics, increase of mobile applications, and more integration of the transportation management systems. Phenomenex, the pharmaceutical manufacturing company I used to work for, could implement autonomous machinery such as automated forklifts or robots to sort through inventory and ship products to customers faster delivery and in a more efficient manner. This would affect the company by saving costs and increasing efficiency of output. Increased safety and cybersecurity in Phenomenex’s logistics would help protect the organization as well as monitor more analytics of employee performance to safety standards. Mobile applications would assist companies with whom Phenomenex interacts with; whether it is a customer, a supplier, or organizing fleet management, these apps would help manage capacity and satisfy demand. Advanced transportation management systems would be a significant resource for Phenomenex and would increase the quality in logistics communications allowing the company to keep up with growing demand and integrate amplified use of logistics technology trends.
Logistics Plus. (2019). 6 Logistics Technology Trends for 2018 and Beyond. Retrieved from https://www.logisticsplus.net/6-logistics-technology-trends-for-2018-and-beyond/

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