300 W2 Assignment

The goal of this unit is to focus on and refine your research question and design a study that will fit your research question. [Chapter 2: Planning a Study].   Then write a 4 section essay using APA format on the following:

Present your refined topic and research question/ hypothesis. Bring in reference to one of the articles from your Unit 2 Discussion and describe how this article fits with your topic. [ Describe any changes to your hypothesis brought on by the article, if applicable].
Present responses to all of the Making It Practical: Practical Limitations on Study Design bullet-pointed questions.

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300 W2 Assignment
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How much time can I devote to the study?
What is the cost of conducting the study?
Can I access resources, sample, and locations?
Do I have approvals for this?
Do I have the needed skills, expertise, and knowledge?

Present these in your own words and be written in an essay format (i.e., you may not use bullet points)


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