3-4 paragraphs needed -Discussion: Crime Victim Compensation Programs

To prepare:

Review the “National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Boards” (http://www.nacvcb.org/) website. Focus on the Program Directory and State Links section. Locate different crime victim compensation programs throughout the United States.
Select one crime victim compensation program in the United States.
Search the Internet or visit the “Directory of International Crime Victim Compensation Programs” (https://ovc.ojp.gov/sites/g/files/xyckuh226/files/publications/infores/ServingVictimsAbroad/directoryinternational.html) website to research a foreign country’s victim compensation program.
Select a foreign country’s victim compensation program and compare it to the compensation programs in the United States.

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3-4 paragraphs needed -Discussion: Crime Victim Compensation Programs
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Post a response to the following:

Describe the United States and foreign compensation programs you selected.
Explain the differences between the two programs.
Explain how at least one component of the foreign country’s program might be applied to programs in the United States and/or in your home state. Be specific.


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