3.4 Assignment: Cyber Security Case Study (PLG1)

        3.4 Assignment: Cyber Security Case Study (PLG1)       
Case Study Deliverable
Access the Case Studies Overview and Requirements page for detailed instructions and APA Style requirements for Case Study assignments.
Conduct in-depth research on the topic using, at least, two primary  sources, outside of the course textbook, as references. Compose your  Case Study assignment deliverable as a scholarly paper. Use  Microsoft Word® to compose your data. Please  remember to include a Title Page with a “Running head,” an Abstract,  in-text citations, a Conclusion, and a Reference List. The body of the  paper should be two-three pages of double-spaced text in length.
Use APA Style to cite and reference any data “borrowed” from sources.  Your composition needs to be grammatically sound and free of spelling  errors. Use terminology from the reference sources and your textbook.  Unless you are a subject matter expert on the topic, based on your  degrees, certifications or “on the job training,” do not submit data  obtained only from personal experience. Your document submission is due  by the end of Module 1. Your submission data will be checked through  Turnitin, a service that checks your work for potential plagiarism.
Case Study

In Chapter 5, the interesting and controversial topic of cyber  security is presented. As stated in the course textbook, battling cyber  threats is one of the costs of doing business in today’s  globally-connected corporate environment. Distributed Denial-of-Service  attacks (DDoS), malware infections, and other black-hat hacker generated  security breaches have increased in frequency and pose even greater  threats to government agencies, military organizations, and corporate  enterprises. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Sony, Target, JP  Morgan and eBay are just some of the entities that experienced major  data breaches in 2015. The greatest theft of medical records ever  occurred in 2015 at the health insurers Anthem and Primera. Of great  concern and receiving much media attention is that regarding the  potential for power-grid cyber attacks, something that would clearly  undermine the safety and security of the world’s nations.
Written Assignment: Conduct research on a recent  threat or attack on a government agency, military organization, or  corporate enterprise. Present data that describes the type of threat,  the degree of harm caused by the threat, and describe who or what entity  the perpetrator(s) might have been that could benefit from such an  action. Give details on solutions that might have prevented the exploit  and could be utilized to assist in mitigating or eliminating cyber  threats in the future.
Save your document with the following filename:
(Last Name, First Initial) MGMT 221 Case Study Mod 3.docx

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